Collaboration with Cecille from Castillon Lifestyle!

Meeting Cecille and Emily from Castillon Lifestyle

Meeting the lovely ladies Cecille and Emily from Castillon Lifestyle for the first time. I loved their energy!

Back in Early March of 2021,I had the pleasure of working with Cecille and her assistant Emily from Castillon Lifestyle. We discovered each other through Instagram hashtags! My business partner-in-crime Addie were looking online to collaborate and boost up the lives of small business owners. During a time like this, it’s important for small business owners to stick together and lift each other up when the going gets tough. 

Upon meeting Cecille, we knew based off her social media presence, she was someone we HAD to work with. Cecille offers a consulting service for Hudson Valley residents who need to declutter not only their surroundings, but in their headspace as well! We scheduled a call because Cecille read about our exclusive business branding session offer! You might ask, what’s a business branding session? A business branding session is a 1 hour photo session exclusively for local business owners looking to increase their business networking, make some amazing new friends (like us, haha!) , and most importantly create new and creative content for potential clients. This was the perfect opportunity for Cecille. Upon meeting each other virtually on our zoom call, Addie and I noticed immediately how bright and bubbly Cecille was introducing herself to us. She was looking for a photographer who could capture some candid shots of her working in action. Her goal was to give her clients a more personalized customer experience and demonstrate the passion and drive she has towards her craft.

Working with Cecille, it was obvious that she didn’t mess around when it comes to what she does. Cecille introduced her assistant Emily to Addie and I and we were both thrilled to meet them! The mission was for us to photograph her organizational skills for a loc

Branding Images - Creating connection points with potential clients for business.

Collage of the collaboration with Castillon Lifestyle. We’re all about peace, love, and happiness here!

al town gift shop “Kontiki Trading Post” located right in New Paltz, NY! I was so excited to branch out in to a different field of photography and break out of my comfort zone. I was not only able to network with one, but TWO local businesses in one day! How exciting was that? Kontiki Trading Post offers tons of cute gifts, clothing, jewelry, tapestry, and more! MaryAnn, the owner of the store, was super sweet to all of us and was kind enough for allowing both Cecille and I’s teams to work together in turning visions into reality. After hanging out at Kontiki for a while, we walked downtown to check out the Magical town of New Paltz, NY. Tons of inspiration came to mind once we hit the walkway over the road. Cecille, Emily, Addie and I headed over to some wall art covered in motivational words and beautiful paintings of the flowers and bees. We then wrapped up the session by grabbing some shots in front of the wall art demonstrating Cecille and Emily’s upbeat, bubbly personas and showing who they really are behind the lens! 

In conclusion, this was such a wonderful opportunity for local small businesses to discover each other and grow together, especially during the challenging times from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also just a friendly reminder that us as small business owners need to be there for each other even when the going gets tough. Having a strong circle of small business owners in our network can only be used to our advantage. You never know when you might need them! 

Are you a small business owner in the Hudson Valley looking to grow your business and reach new customers in a more approachable, personal way? Then a branding session with Joey Place Photography is the right option for you!Head to to get in touch with our team to make all of your business dreams come to life! 

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Branding Session

Cecille and Emily, members of Castillon Lifestyle. Captured by Joey Place Photography, LLC. 

Castillon Lifestyle

Stay tuned for more adventures with Joey Place Photography!

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