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Kopy By Kenz

Kenz’s Journal and typing an email
Photographed by Joey Place Photography.


Last week, I had a lucky opportunity to collaborate with a local copywriter, Mikenzi, located in Pine Bush, NY. She was looking for a photographer to showcase her expertise and give her clients a more connection with her brand.

Upon first meeting Mikenzi, we met at McDonald’s where I used to work full-time before pursuing my business full throttle. Immediately we got along and she was a regular customer I loved seeing and talking to.

After a few visits I decided to give her my information to connect as friends. Little did I know, she was an entrepreneur just like me! Mikenzi offers a copywriting service to clients who are looking to spread their message in a professional, logical, coherent way, to connect ideal consumers directly to their sellers with ease.

Mikenzi inquired within to book a Business Branding Session with Joey Place Photography. I felt honored and so excited to help out not only a dear friend of mine, but to help promote another local Hudson Valley small business entrepreneur. I’ve worked with Mikenzi previously to invest in new copy for my website. She did an AMAZING job!  Initially, Mikenzi wasn’t very fond of having her photo taken until she had her session with Joey Place Photography. But luckily, I was able to put all her worries aside with my energetic persona and posing techniques to ensure the session went smooth and worry-free!

After lots of laughs, giggles, smiles, and some silliness, together we created something magical and memorable for both our businesses. It is so important for local businesses to invest in a branding session to enhance their client experience and reach new clients with a more personable and relatable approach. Thinking about hiring a photographer for a branding session? Look no further, you’re in the right hands. Contact me directly at

Mikenzi Headshots

Mikenzi loved having her photos taken by Joey Place Photography!

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Kopy By Kenz

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